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Explore for yourself this FREE collection of personal finance articles! With topics such as investing, saving, debt control, and even advice on make big-ticket purchases – we want to help you SAVE MONEY and BUILD WEALTH. All our articles are written by Jesse Losse, Founder of

Credit score basics - teaching you how your credit score works

Credit Score Basics: How Your Credit Score Works

"You can't judge a book by its cover" - this is why banks, and other lenders, cannot determine your credit worthiness ...
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common credit card mistakes

Common Credit Card Mistakes | A Beginner’s Guide to Using a Credit Card

Common credit card mistakes are easily avoidable with the right education. This articles is to serve as a beginner's guide ...
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panic button representing market volatility

Market Volatility: How to Prepare Your Portfolio for Market Movements

With the recent events in the markets I figured this would be the perfect time to talk about market volatility ...
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Suitcase filled with money representing how to make a million dollars

How to Make a Million Dollars

Who doesn't want to become a millionaire!? Anyone..? These days it seems like everyone wants to be a millionaire but ...
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couple on a car lot buying a car

Buying a Car: 5 Tips to Get the Best Deal

Are you thinking of buying a car? Whether you currently don't own a vehicle or your current vehicle is breaking ...
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interest rates affecting your purchases

Interest: How it Affects You and Your Wallet

Interest is the cost of borrowing money from a lender. When consumers borrow money, they get charged an interest rate ...
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picture of credit card being cut in half | how to quickly pay off debt

How to Quickly Pay Off Debt | Tips for Paying Off Credit Card Debt

Are you looking to pay off your debt early and free up some of your monthly cash? Increasing your monthly ...
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How Risky is a Stock

How Risky is a Stock?

When trying to find the right company to invest in it's important to know how risky that company is. Some investors ...
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index fund vs mutual fund. Investing in index funds for retirement

Invest in Index Fund | Investing in Index Funds For Retirement

With the rising popularity of index funds, its no surprise investors are taking advantage of these low cost investment instruments. And ...
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man being shook down | are you paying too much for mutual funds

Mutual Fund Fees: Are You Paying Too Much?

Are you paying too much for mutual funds? Many people don't know if they are paying too much for mutual ...
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